How are saunas good for your heart health?

If you’ve been in a sauna then you’ve experienced that feel good factor you get after a relaxing session. Saunas have many benefits for skin and circulation and can also aid relaxation and sleep. Now, a study from the University of Eastern Finland has also established that spending time in a sauna could actually have the same positive benefits as exercise when it comes to heart health.

How can you get the benefits of a treadmill at low impact in your swim spa?

Having a swim spa in your home is a great way to bring a wide range of exercise options to your back yard. As well as using a swim spa for swimming training and other activities, such as aqua aerobics, it’s also a better alternative to a traditional treadmill. Using a treadmill provides a way to get fitter, to burn calories and to tone and strengthen muscles. All of these advantages are available if you use your swim spa as a treadmill – with the added benefit of being much lower impact exercise.


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