Replacing Your Pool with a Swim Spa

There are large amount of families who choose to install a pool in their yard or buy a house that has an existing pool. Eventually, they learn that the upkeep and maintenance costs are higher than anticipated. They may also come to the conclusion that the amount of time and effort that they have to invest is simply not worth the amount of time they get to enjoy the pool. When this occurs, what options are they left with? Should they fill in the pool or simply stop using it?

There is another option. One that will give you the great benefits that a pool offers, such as the full body workout and mental health. A swim spa is a smaller version of a pool that uses a propulsion system to create a current from one end that allows one to swim against the current just like they are swimming feely in a full size pool.

The added benefits of a swim spa is the fact that managing a swim spa is much easier and a whole lot less expensive than the upkeep on a full size pool. The fact that you have less water in a swim spa makes it much easier to keep the water at a very comfortable temperature level, which means that you will be able to use the swim spa for a much longer duration seasonally than you could with a full size pool.

The cost of switching from a full size pool to a swim spa would be recouped in just a few years by the savings on heating and maintenance. So, you get all the great benefits of swimming without the great expense and work that a full size pool requires.

When you do the math you quickly come to the conclusion that it makes a whole lot of sense to make the switch from a pool to a swim spa.

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