Stress Combating Swim Spa Exercises!

In the fast paces world we live in, we need to find an outlet to alleviate the stress. Swimming in a swim spa is an excellent way to get a great workout and relieve stress. A Swim Spa is a smaller version of a pool with a propulsion system designed to generate a current that the swimmer swims against.

Here are a few examples of the exercises that you can perform in a swim spa that will help to fight the mental stress, while still giving the body a good and healthy workout in the process.

The first is exercise is called the Spiderman/Superman depending on whom you like better! Simply grab onto the edge of the swim spa above the current and let the current push and extend your lower body outward like Superman flying. Then, push your legs tightly together and repetitively pull your legs up and towards the pool edge like Spiderman flying on his webs. Be sure to keep the core muscles of your abdomen tight while performing for maximum benefit.

Another very easy and beneficial exercise is the running man. You can do this with or without the current on. Simply stand in the centre of the swim spa and jog on the spot. The resistance from the water will mimic the use of resistance bands and give you an incredible lower body workout!

Of course the absolute best full body workout you can get in a swim spa is to swim against the current. Try changing the strokes that you use to include the breast stroke and the front crawl to really maximize the benefits! Use your imagination and discover other exercises that you like and enjoy the process as you go!

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