What superior features do Swim Spas offer you over a traditional swimming pool?

Unlike a traditional swimming pool, there are a number of things that a swim spa can offer above and beyond providing somewhere to swim and keep fit. Here are some of the superior features that swim spas have to offer:

Adjustable water circulation

Water circulation and distribution are easily adjustable within your swim spa, and offer a greater variety of settings than within a standard swimming pool. Current and flow can be adjusted, compared to a pool which will have minimal water movement through filtering only. Different currents mean that you can adjust the speeds for a more relaxing swim or make it more challenging, depending on your preferences. This provides a great way to increase your swimming ability step by step and improve your overall fitness.

Same benefits in a smaller space

In order to swim freely in a swimming pool, it will need to be long to provide enough space to swim lengths. At each end swimmers must turn and swim in the other direction, however a swim spa can provide an infinite swimming length without the need to change direction or slow pace.

This also means that it will only need to take up the fraction of the space that a swimming pool would need, since it only needs to be long enough to swim on-the-spot against a current, making it suitable for smaller inside or outside spaces, or designating one select area of your garden and making it into a great space to relax.

Personalised exercise combined with relaxation

A swimming pool and swim spa are similar in that they both provide a space to swim and keep fit. You can also get many accessories for your swim spa, such as treadmills for water running, weights and more, whilst the ability to adjust the water and currents can aid those with arthritis or other conditions that make exercise more difficult.

A unique benefit that applies only to the swim spa is that it also offers relaxation and a place to socialise easily. Temperature can be changed to suit the current use at any time, and swim spas come in different varieties with a swimming area and hot tub area to provide the best of both worlds.

Low maintenance self-cleaning swim spas

Since swim spas offer relaxation benefits, it’s unlikely that you’ll want to spend a huge amount of time maintaining yours. The Hot Tub and Swim Spa Company’s swim spas are unique in that they use self-cleaning technology to ensure that minimal input is required from users. This means that you simply need to add the right chemicals, without the need to vacuum, skim or filter the water, as this is all done by the swim spa.

Choosing the right swim spa for you

Swim spas can also include a range of added features such as lighting, different jets, contoured seating and in-build stereo systems, all of which can make your swim spa a bespoke solution that is ideal for your personal requirements. To find the best swim spa for you, give the Hot Tub and Swim Spa Company a call today on 0208 300 4003.

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