Prices starting from £3,268.00 or £35.82 Per Month with only a £500 deposit.

2 person sauna just £3,268.00 or £35.82 Per Month with a small £500 deposit.
4 person sauna just £3,878.00 or £43.71 Per Month with a small £500 deposit.

For those seeking the ultimate relaxation of a Finnish sauna or the social pleasure of sauna bathing, our DIY sauna cabins offer a high specification with plug-in convenience. The superb Rock heater and exceptional insulation ensure maximum heat retention making them extremely energy efficient. With compact dimensions and clip-together assembly the genuine sauna experience is now simpler than ever to achieve!

Our compact 2-3 person cabin has a footprint of only 1.21 x 1.18m, yet it exudes sophistication and serenity. The frameless glass door and adjacent full height window allow natural light to flood in, ensuring that your cabin feels as spacious as possible.

Our spacious 4-5 person cabin (1.87 x 1.35m) with two level benching offers real flexibility – children can sit low down where it is cooler, whilst the sauna enthusiast can stretch out at high level soaking up the heat, detoxifying their body and mind! Glazed panels in the fascia give an open, airy feel. The built in mood lighting guarantees to create the perfect ambience for any occasion.

Enjoy relaxing in temperatures of 70-80c whilst listening to your favourite music with the built in Stereo Radio/CD player. Immerse yourself in true tranquility under the cosy canopy lighting and let the stresses of the day slip away.

Please note this sauna comes with a simple installation manual and requires DIY assembly. As it will be delivered straight to your door normal access requirements will need to be considered.

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