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Product Features

  • Exterior: 1313.18mm x 1209.04mm x 1945.64mm / 711.2mm door width
  • Interior: 1160.78mm x 1056.64mm x 1816.1mm / 553.72mm bench depth
  • Weight: Up to 690 lbs
  • Electrical: 120v; 2400 watts max, 1920 watts continuous; 20a (20A outlet)
  • Wood Options: Basswood, Cedar, Eucalyptus
  • Capacity: 2 – 3 person

This beautifully sleek sauna is no ordinary Sauna. As well as showcasing a 10.1” Android screen and premium integrated speakers, it also features 7 wellness programmes that offers a variety of programmes at your fingertips. Each session mixes a perfect blend of the Near, Mid and Far infrared wave lengths, producing the benefits that you want. Customise your session for a unique yet personal sauna experience using one of the pre-set options: Cardio, detoxification, pain, relief, relaxation, weight loss and skin health.