The AquaPlay & Self Cleaning Swim Spas offer you a fantastic exercise experience for every- day and family swimming. Affordably priced, the AquaSport has 2 core stream jets that deliver a smooth swim, along with a superb buoyancy jet.

This fantastic aquatic gym swim spa is guaranteed to provide you and your family an unforgettable and enjoyable swim experience all year round.

AquaSport swim spas are perfect for family fun and recreation - plus as much exercise as you want!

With sizes ranging from 12 to nearly 20 feet in length and your choice of amenities, one of the following 7 AquaSport swim spas is sure to fit your requirements.

All models can be sunk in-ground, half in- ground or fully above ground if outside and work equally well inside if that is your preference. All AquaSport models are self-cleaning and made to Hydropool’s exacting and renowned superior standards; that means maintenance is far less than with a pool… leaving you more time to enjoy your AquaSport swim spa.

Our teams have been the three time winners of the European Hydropool Retailer of the Year (2011, 2012 and 2014) we have the knowledge and experience to assist you in making the wisest choice for your needs.