Our tiled Swim Spas can be buily to any size and specification and can be finished in a range of beautiful mosaic tiles to match the theme and architecture of their surroundings. They are also very low maintenance thanks to their unique self-dosing systems.

You’ve dreamed and envisioned the ideal swim spa; one that has every single detail focused on your well-being both physically and esthetically. You can almost feel the perfection of your own specialized water currents and massage jets when you escape into your perfect imaginary world. We work with you to bring that world into full reality. From original sketches to exacting renderings; from discussing the benefits of stainless steel vs. an exotic wood, to comparing colour depths and tones of stone and mosaic tiles through final installation. Our engineers and designers work with you every step of the way.

Want to include water features and fountains for your Wellness spa? Want the benefits of a dedicated marine environment area and perhaps a powerful swim jet section for aquatic exercise? Mais oui! What about including an innovative chromo-therapy system combined with an aromatherapy system? Again, the answer is “if you request it; we do it!”

Our guiding principal is that your personal Wellness spa be fully programmable and customizable to your exact desires. Now is the time to satisfy your dreams and enhance your fitness and health in your own personal retreat. Let The Hot Tub and Swim Spa Company, winner of the UK Best Non-Traditional Pool Construction (2008) transport you to perfection.

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