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Could frequent sauna use help with Dementia?

Alzheimer's Disease and other forms of Dementia can be truly heart-breaking for the families and friends of those who are suffering. Although there is no exact known cause, research suggests that sauna use could actually decrease the likelihood of developing Dementia later on in life.

An introduction to Dementia

Many people will know someone who has suffered with Dementia, and it is much more common in elderly people, however it is important to recognise that not everyone develops Dementia with age. It is a disease, not just a part of aging. Worldwide, over 47.5 million people were suffering from dementia in 2015, meaning that it is a disease that sadly a lot of people do suffer with.

Caring for Dementia patients

Care for those with Dementia can be challenging since patients need increasing care over time, and caregivers may be relatives or close friends who have to make sacrifices to give this care. They may give up work to give time to the person, or fit caring for them around work, which can also be draining and difficult. Sadly Dementia has no cure, and it progresses slowly over time. Symptoms include memory loss, difficulty communicating, limited judgement and reasoning abilities – all of which often happen gradually over years or months.

Preventing Dementia & through Sauna use?

Dementia is an extremely sad condition, and although there is nothing specifically known to cause it, research suggests that there are some things that each of us can do to reduce the chance of developing the disease later on in life. One of these is to use a sauna regularly.

Research into saunas and Dementia

A Finnish team of researchers carried out a study of 2,300 men within their 40s, 50s and 60s, and studied them between 1984 and 1989. Follow up examinations were carried out 20 years later to see what the impact of each group was. The groups were as follows: those who used a sauna once weekly, those who used it 2-3 times weekly and those who visited the sauna 4-7 times per week.

The study concluded that those who visited the sauna more frequently were less likely to develop Dementia. Although this is not a direct causation, there was a correlation to suggest that the sauna use did in fact have some impact on the development of Dementia later on in life.

Health benefits of saunas

Whether or not this research is indicative of a strong pattern generally, or simply representative of the small study group, the correlation was there, and evidence demonstrated just another great benefit of regular sauna use! There are undoubtedly also many health benefits of regular sauna use, such as aiding breathing, relieving pain and de-stressing relaxation time.

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