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Does A Sauna Help Those With RA?

RA is a form of arthritis known as rheumatoid arthritis. It creates a large number of disabilities for individuals throughout many different countries. It is an affliction that can affect either gender at any age.

For those that suffer with this illness their priority becomes looking for some form of pain relief. In many cases, they have to resort to prescriptions to help with this. The problem is they are now faced with many side effects that come with the drugs used for the pain relief. More people are now looking for natural methods and alternatives to help not only reduce the pain caused from the RA but to increase their mobility.

There are a lot of people that have begun to rely on the heat therapy that a sauna can offer. They have found that there are several benefits of saunas. One of the most significant ones is they find that there is some temporary relief from their pain and as a result of this, they are becoming more mobile. They also find that the heat from the sauna allows for detoxification of some of the toxins that have built up in their body.

For those that have turned to a sauna to assist them with some relief with their rheumatoid arthritis, they are finding that by using it on a consistent and scheduled basis that their quality of life is increasing. This is because their pain is reduced and they can get around a little more than they originally could. With the relief of pain and increased mobility, it allows them to be more active which in itself may be beneficial to helping reduce the effects of the rheumatoid arthritis.

Not only does it play an important physical factor, but it plays a mental role as well. With the reduction of pain and not being so restricted, they have a better mental outlook, and get to enjoy some of the things in life that the RA was preventing them from doing.

Researchers are stating that the benefits of sauna bathing come from the temporary increase of noradrenaline, adrenaline, cortisol, as well as endorphins that take place during the sauna bathing. All of these have anti-inflammatory properties. The endorphins are the natural pain killer that the body produces.

Users of the sauna find that their mobility is better because of the beneficial effects of the warmth on the tissue. There are many others that use saunas for other ailments. These include those that have general aches and pains from sports related injuries or from the type of work that they do. Aside from the great benefits that the sauna offers to those with various medical conditions, it is a wonderful resource just for relaxation and enjoyment.

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