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How can you get the benefits of a treadmill at low impact in your swim spa?

Having a swim spa in your home is a great way to bring a wide range of exercise options to your back yard. As well as using a swim spa for swimming training and other activities, such as aqua aerobics, it’s also a better alternative to a traditional treadmill. Using a treadmill provides a way to get fitter, to burn calories and to tone and strengthen muscles. All of these advantages are available if you use your swim spa as a treadmill – with the added benefit of being much lower impact exercise.

Choose your own exercise level

When you use your swim spa as a treadmill you can choose the level of effort that you want to put into exercising. You might be looking for an intense workout to build muscle or something a little more relaxing that will help your body to stretch and tone. Either way, the jets in the swim spa can be adjusted so that you are always exercising in the way that is the most comfortable for you.

The support of the water

A regular treadmill can be an effective way to exercise but, in some situations, can also have negative impact on the body. For example, some people find it difficult to balance on a treadmill and so find themselves holding on to the supports while trying to exercise. You may also feel pain from the impact of running or walking on a treadmill. Using your swim spa as a treadmill enables you to avoid both of these negative effects. The natural buoyancy of the water makes it easy to balance – and you will build confidence because it doesn’t matter if you fall when you’re exercising, the water will catch you. Plus, working out in the water reduces the impact of gravity on your body, taking the strain off muscles and joints as you build muscles and burn calories.

A different kind of experience

A regular treadmill can create more aches and pains than it soothes – that’s simply not the case if you’re using your swim spa as a treadmill. The effect of the water provides a different kind of workout, one that leaves you feeling refreshed and energised, as opposed to exhausted and drained. You might feel soreness in your feet when using a regular treadmill or have stiffness and pain in muscles and joints as a result of the high impact. For most people, using the swim spa as a treadmill means that all of these negative effects are avoided.

The best way to use your swim spa as a treadmill

  • Make sure you warm up first – just like any type of exercise you need to give your body time to build up to full capacity
  • Cool down after your workout – even something like a gentle swim could be an effective cool down
  • Keep it up – with regular exercise in your swim spa you could see great results

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