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The Benefits of Saunas and Steam Rooms

Most people who enjoy sitting in the sauna or steam room for a little bit understand that it is beneficial for their long-term health, but have little real understanding regarding how the health benefits are realized. Fewer still recognize or understand the differences between the uses of steam rooms as opposed to the dry heat of a sauna.

Both have the same basic function of raising the heart rate and inducing the person to sweat to release of toxins from the body. The main difference between the dry heat of a sauna and the 100% humidity of a steam room is that steam adds dramatic benefits to the overall health of the respiratory system. The way both of these work is to cause the blood vessels in your body to fully dilate, which allows the blood in your body to flow much more freely. This and the toxin releasing sweat has profound effects on the body.

The relief from tension in the body, as well as the release of stress through the release of endorphins throughout the body are all benefits of using either saunas or steam rooms. The benefit often talked about is the weight loss that can be attained by “sweating off the pounds” by sitting in a sauna or a steam room. We have all seen the images of boxers and other athletes wrapped in material and sitting in a sauna in order to rapidly “cut” weight in order to be the correct weight before a fight. The other commonly talked about benefit is the positive impact on the skin.

By releasing the toxins in the body through sweating you have the added benefit of cleansing the skin by cleaning out the pores during the sweat phase. The relaxation realized post work out by sitting in the steam room or sauna is another great benefit for the body that is commonly recognized. No matter which choice you decide to go with, the benefits of the sauna or steam room are quite obvious and well recognized. The health benefits are only eclipsed by the added bonus of having a serious impact on the mental health by inducing relaxation and promoting stress free living. Both have excellent benefits and you can benefit greatly from either choice.

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