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How to make the most out of your outdoor space this winter

In the past, outdoor areas were frequently neglected throughout the winter. However, taking advantage of outdoor living has never been more popular. Fire pit sales have increased by 300 percent, while outdoor heater sales have surged. Now is the time to welcome the cooler weather by making your garden or patio the cosiest spot around.

The ultimate guide on how swim spas work

You may not think it, but it is possible to swim on the spot whilst still being able to improve your stroke and enjoying a full body workout. When you consider the purpose of a treadmill for runners, a swim spa serves the same purpose for swimmers!

Benefits of using a hot tub before and after your workout

Did you know that hydrotherapy provides a host of advantages and there are some benefits specifically tied to workout recovery? Here at The Hot Tub and Swim Spa Company, we’ve put together a list of some of the amazing hydrotherapy benefits you can take advantage of pre and post workout.


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