How to enjoy your hot tub this autumn

This time of year is fantastic for many things – cosy jumpers, long walks in crunchy leaves and… hot tubs. If you found the summer a little warm to really enjoy your hot tub and winter is often uncomfortable getting in and out of the water then autumn is perfect. Whether you choose to enjoy your hot tub on a misty autumn morning or a sunny late afternoon this time of year is ideal if you have a hot tub at home. So, how can you really make the most of it?

How can you use your sauna?

Across the world saunas are not just seen as a luxury but an integral part of daily life for many people. If you’re lucky enough to have a sauna at home then there are many health benefits to enjoy as well as the blissful feeling that time spent in a warm, dry atmosphere like this can bring. Getting the most from your sauna depends on whether you know how to use it – and what for. These are our top tips for home sauna use.

How to revolutionise your garden with a hot tub

If your garden isn’t currently much to write home about, a hot tub could totally change that. A wonderful hot tub in the right location has a lot to add to your life, whether that’s creating somewhere you can relax and chill out or providing a space in which you can be more sociable. If you’re looking to revolutionise your garden with a hot tub then these are some of the steps that are going to be involved.


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