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5 ways your sauna can help with your new year resolution

If your new year’s resolution for 2020 is to lose weight and get in shape then you’re not alone. Millions of people all over the world make this a goal at this time of year and it’s a common theme among both men and women. There are lots of different ways to make sure that you hit this goal – and having a sauna at home can be really useful. Below are 5 ways in which a sauna can help to ensure that 2020 is the year you reach that weight loss goal.

  1. Detox and feel better. Sweating is the primary way in which the body removes toxins from the system, including those that you may have absorbed from food, such as copper or nickel heavy metals. Sweating out your impurities by regularly spending time in your sauna will help to clear the lymphatic system, which will in turn increase energy for working out and help your body to be more efficient when it comes to burning fat.
  2. Boost your metabolism to burn fat faster. Exposure to extreme heat or cold has a wide range of different effects on the human body. One of the most relevant here is that it speeds up the metabolism. In sauna heat your heart rate increases by around a third, which speeds up your metabolic system and helps to burn calories faster. You’ll need to spend 30 minutes a day in the sauna to see real benefits.
  3. Lose the water weight. Another benefit of sweating it out in a sauna is that you’ll instantly drop the weight that your body is carrying in terms of excess water. This can be as much as five pounds in a single sauna session. This will gradually return as soon as you start drinking water again but can be useful if you want to swiftly slim down for an interview or event.
  4. More effective breathing equals more capacity to exercise. The better your breathing capacity the more effective your exercise sessions will be. Any existing respiratory issues that you have can be significantly improved by spending time in a sauna. It will also help to increase respiratory function and blood flow around the body, so you’ll be able to work out for longer periods of time and also in a more intense way to help you get fitter faster.
  5. Stay calm and stick to your resolution. It’s well known that getting stressed can cause us all to reach out for food, often treats that are high in sugar and fat. It can increase the levels of cortisol in your system, which will make you want more calories. Time in a sauna on a regular basis can contribute to bringing stress levels down, helping you to feel more relaxed and also more in control of your body.

We all need a bit of support with our new year’s resolutions – a sauna could really help you to get the most from yours in 2020.

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