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How much do hot tubs cost to run?

One thing that many people worry about when considering purchasing a hot tub is how much your electricity will increase. These types of concerns are quite common, after all, maintaining a continuous high temperature in a hot tub used to take a lot of energy. However, there’s good news if you’re in the position to buy a hot tub. Hot tub manufacturers have vastly improved the energy efficiency of home spas in recent years, this means that the difference in your monthly electric bill is unlikely to be as significant as you expect.

What is the energy consumption of a hot tub?

The amount of energy a hot tub consumes differs from model to model and usually depends upon the following:

  • The general costs of energy per kilowatt in your area
  • The climate in your area
  • The size of a hot tub
  • Whether or not the hot tub is insulated
  • If you have a fitted well-made hot tub cover

What can affect how much energy a hot tub uses?

  • The cost of running a hot tub is determined by how often it is used. The more you use a hot tub, the more electricity it consumes. More use equates to more heat loss, making the hot tub system work harder, as it requires more energy.
  • The amount of energy consumed by your hot tub may be reduced by installing a high-quality, insulated cover and cleaning the filters on a regular basis.
  • Heating your water up will end up costing more than keeping it at a consistently high temperature. If you maintain the temperature of your hot tub then your first electricity bill will be slightly higher than normal, but subsequent months would not be as high.
  • The replenishment of hot tub water is part of routine maintenance. Some systems require draining and refilling the hot tub a couple of times a year.

How can I keep my hot tub’s energy costs to a minimum?

To a certain extent, each hot tub owner is responsible for their own energy conservation. A great way to keep your energy expenses to a minimum is by following all of your manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations. Always leave your hot tub running with the water set at a consistent temperature, clean your filters on a regular basis, and keep your hot tub covered with an insulating cover when now in use to maximise energy efficiency.

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