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Our guide to buying a swim spa in 2021

For generations, people have visited public pools to enjoy the health benefits that come from swimming. Today, swimming has become one of the most favoured types of workouts across the globe. Swimming is still regarded as the best sport for healthy people, due to the fact that it’s a low impact activity that engages all of the muscles. Although public pools are plentiful, having to travel to the nearest swimming centre can make it tough for people to stick to their routine. A swim spa can solve this problem, however, with so many models and different features now available, purchasing one may be daunting.

As with many large purchases, the best way to identify the right swim spa for you is to make a list of the features and specifications you desire. Being prepared can help you avoid being sucked into any deals or promotions that you’re not 100% sure about.

Fun & Fitness

One of the most undervalued aspects of a swim spa is how it is an incredibly versatile investment. A swim spa can provide endless hours of enjoyment for the entire family, whilst doubling up as your own personal fitness suite. Some exciting features to bear in mind when looking for a swim spa to entertain the family may include LED waterfall fountains for the kids to swim beneath, or adding a sound system!

Comfort, Design, & Massage

The comfort of your swim spa can ultimately be controlled by the design of the different elements. When searching for your swim spa, asses the chairs to verify if they are ergonomically created to accommodate the natural contours of the body. This is incredibly important in ensuring that you’re going to get the best soaking and massage experiences. Don’t be afraid to get in and try out the seats for yourself to see if they’re up to scratch! 


Who you end up buying your swim spa from will either make or break your buying experience. Dealing with a reputable store such as The Hot Tub and Swim Spa Company will ensure that you are supported before, during, and after you commit to buying a swim spa. If your hot tub were to malfunction, you want to know that you’ve got a dedicated, knowledgeable team at the end of the phone who are able to support and advise you. 


Often overlooked, taking into consideration how insulated your swim spa is can pay dividends with your electricity bill. Investing in an energy efficient swim spa that is better equipped to maintain the temperature of the water all year round can dramatically reduce the long-term expenses. Investing in a decent hardcover can also help boost the energy efficiency of your swim spa. 

Other features to consider when buying a swim spa include, jet options, fragrance dispenser, water features, air therapy and lights! Although purchasing a swim spa can seem like a daunting process, getting in contact with a reputable dealer like The Hot Tub and Swim Spa Company, who can advise and support you.

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