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Our top 5 full body workouts for your swim spa

Exercising in water has a lot of benefits. It tends to be less hard on your body and the resistance of the water can actually make a workout more effective too. A swim spa provides the perfect setting in which to start exploring full body workouts that will really make a difference to your health and wellbeing - here are our top 5 full body workouts for your swim spa to try.

  1. Jogging under water. You will actually burn more calories jogging against the resistance of the water than on a treadmill - plus doing this in your swim spa has a much lower impact on your joints. Try turning this into a HIIT session by varying the intensity of the jogging, from a faster pace to a slower walk. Turn on the high powered jet system and run against the flow of water to make your workout even more intense.
  2. Underwater squats. We all know that squats are great for strengthening key areas like the core and glutes - as well as getting your heart rate up. The perfect underwater squat starts with feet shoulder width apart then bending as if you were about to sit in a chair. Have your hands either on your waist or held out parallel in front of you for the more advanced version. As you stand back up, drop your arms to your side and then repeat 10 or 15 times.
  3. Lower ab crunches. Strengthening your core and abs is easy to do in a swim spa. This is a seated exercise - position yourself sitting facing the centre of the swim spa with your legs straight out in front and your palms on the floor of the swim space. When you feel stable, bring your knees into your chest and then extend your legs again to crunch and use the ab muscles. Inhale when you pull your knees into your chest and exhale when you push them out again. Repeating this exercise is what makes it effective - aim to build up to three sets of 20 repetitions.
  4. Underwater leg raises. If you’re looking for a workout that brings together both cardio and strength then this exercise is ideal, as you’ll get toning as well as an elevated heart rate. It’s also really simple to do - stand in the swim spa and hold onto the side. Lift one of your legs behind you as high as you can and squeeze your glute at the top. Repeat 10 times on each side and aim for three sets.
  5. Jumping. If your goal is to raise your heart rate then try adding some jumping into your workouts. Start in the deepest part of the swim spa and simply jump, tucking your knees up as far as they go each time you leave the ground. Use your arms to help keep you balanced.

If you’re looking to get the most out of your swim spa when it comes to exercise these workouts are a great place to start. As a family-operated business encompassing two generations, we have over 50 years of combined experience selling and servicing hot tubs, swim spas, pools, saunas, gazebos and steam rooms. We love what we do because we love the lifestyle that comes with owning a luxurious hot tub or swim spa. Get in contact with a member of the team today to explore our range of fantastic products.

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