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Our top 4 reasons why kids should be swimming this summer

Now that the clocks have gone forward we’re speeding towards summer and for many people that means more opportunities to get in the water. Swimming is a great activity all year round but especially when the weather is warmer. It can be a very effective way for adults to get fit and also has a lot of benefits for children too. In fact there are 4 key reasons why your kids should be in the water swimming this summer.

Swimming is an ‘active’ activity

As a parent it can feel like a constant battle to get children away from playing console games and watching TV. Swimming is a very simple way to do this – it’s an activity without screens that encourages a healthy lifestyle very early on. It’s an incredibly enjoyable activity that also helps to support better fitness and will provide the stimulation that sitting in front of the TV cannot.

The social element is a big bonus

Summer can feel endless as a kid and many children miss the sociable side of school when there is nothing to do every day. Swimming presents plenty of opportunities for kids to be sociable, from attending swimming camps to joining a swimming team. There’s also a lot of potential to start achieving, meeting new people and gaining confidence in skills and abilities, whether that’s forming friendships outside of the pool or improving technique while in the water.

Many summer parties are focused on the pool

Birthday parties, summer BBQs or bank holiday weekends – whatever the occasion there is often an opportunity to jump in the pool. In fact, while the adults might sit and have a beer in the shade the kids often head straight for ball games in the water. Children who don’t know how to swim can feel left out at this time – and if your child isn’t a confident swimmer then it can be worrying for a parent too and difficult to relax when they are around water. There are plenty of quick swimming courses available for children to ensure that they are ready to start swimming this summer.

Practice makes perfect

Especially if you have a child who is already a competent swimmer but wants to get really good the summer is a great time to start creating that competitive advantage. Spending a summer in the pool provides the opportunity to improve speed and skills, technique and timing. It can help a child to establish swimming as a sport that they are really good at and start setting goals for the following year, whether they relate to competition or fitness. The more time kids have for swimming in the summer the more potential there is for it to become an essential and useful part of future daily routines.

Swimming is great exercise and also encourages confidence and relationship building. These are just some of the reasons why kids should be spending as much time as possible in the water this summer.


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