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Our top tips for the perfect hot tub party this summer

Now that we’re in the heart of the British summer most of us are looking to spend as much time as possible outside while the days are warm and the evenings light. Hot tub parties are the ideal way to enjoy your outside space and to throw a party without keeping all the guests inside. If you’re planning a hot tub party for the summer then these are our top tips to make sure that it’s memorable.

Create atmosphere with the lighting and decorations

You’ll need to make sure that there’s enough light outside so that people can move around safely when the sun goes down. You can also use lights to create a party atmosphere, whether that’s softer LEDs or flickering candle flames, colourful shades or strings of fairy lights. Decorations can be anything you want them to, from bunting through to disco balls.

Be ready for any weather

The British weather can be unpredictable so it’s a good idea to have a plan for all eventualities. Shade from the sun may be a necessity on a hot day and you might need to factor in shelter for the hot tub if the forecast looks like rain.

Invest in the right music

Whether you’re playing your own collections or streaming the tunes it’s essential to have music at any party. The music that you choose can have a big influence over the party, whether you opt for upbeat dance tracks or something slower and more sophisticated. Create your playlists in advance so that all you have to do on the night is just press play.

Make sure that everyone is comfortable

If you’re going to put your hot tub at the centre of your party experience it’s essential to ensure that everyone can use it comfortably. That might mean providing big, soft fluffy towels, some heaters for after dark or even robes that people can put on when they get out of the water.

Give people the right glasses

Although real glass can be a great way for people to get the most from their drinks it also creates a nightmare if dropped and smashed in or around the hot tub. The last thing you want to have to deal with during a hot tub party is cut feet or damage to your hot tub. Acrylic glasses are a great alternative – they come in many different sizes and types and they won’t create such a safety hazard if they break. If you’re really worried about spills and breakages in the hot tub then it’s sometimes easier to make it a drink free zone.

Upgrade the comfort

There are lots of options for making your hot tub ultra comfortable for your party guests, from waterproof pillows to drinks floats. Choose the accessories that work with the vibe of your event and the way that you want to host it.

If you want to make sure that your hot tub party is perfect this summer then these are our top tips.


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