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Why you need to sauna in the winter

Winter is coming - no matter how you feel about this time of year there is no escaping that reality. If you often find yourself dreading the switch from the warmer months to the colder seasons then maybe this is a good year to start doing things differently. Especially if you’re lucky enough to have a sauna at home there is a lot that you can do to make this winter not just more survivable but more pleasurable too. These are some of the reasons why we think you need to sauna in winter 2020.

It’s a mood-boosting experience

The winter blues are very common - the days are shorter and darker and there is less opportunity to get outside because of the weather. We also get less sunshine at this time of year and all that can add up to an experience that feels a bit gloomy. If you sauna in the winter then you can help yourself to avoid these kinds of feelings. Using a sauna can trigger a release of endorphins - these are the feel good hormones that boost your mood and also help you to relax. People who regularly use a sauna during the winter months also find that they have more energy, despite the lack of light and the cold outside.

Keeping healthy

There are many health benefits to regular sauna use, ranging from cardiovascular health through to helping to reduce inflammation. If you sauna in winter then you will also be encouraging your body to sweat regularly and this is a fantastic way to eliminate toxins from your system. In the summer we sweat more often and so we are naturally eliminating toxins on a much more regular basis but this just doesn’t happen in winter to the same extent. Unless you sauna. If you do then not only will you help your body become more efficient at removing what it doesn’t need but you’ll get the circulatory and heart healthy benefits of the sauna experience too.

Fending off the winter flu

Although you can’t avoid the flu - or other bugs or viruses - by spending time in a sauna you will be healthier as a result of the experience and this will give your immune system more to work with if it does get attacked. Plus, if you are suffering with a cold or flu then the heat of the sauna can be a great way to help clear the sinuses and make you feel more comfortable. Regular sauna use has also been found to have a positive impact on sleep, which is essential for illness recovery. Not only that but the high heat has also been found to slow the growth of viruses under some conditions.

From being healthier to helping to lift the winter blues and supporting your body through some of the toughest months of the year these are just some of the reasons why you need to sauna in winter - this year and every year to come

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