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Sauna and Steam Shower Combinations

Sauna and Steam Shower Combinations

Combination sauna and steam showers are the height of luxury that really provides you the best of both worlds, ensuring that you reach the ultimate levels of wellbeing and relaxation. These models have the ability to be customisable, from the walls, glass sections and doors, so they can be assembled in whichever unique way you desire.


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Product Features

Size min. (cm):
185.5 x 132.5
Size max. (cm):
305.5 x 132.5
Height (cm):
Height with tray (cm):
220.5 - 223 (min. of 1cm extra space needed for mounting space)
Number of sizes/combinations:
Frame colour:
Black or white
Transparent glass (front and one side)
Glass Sauna:
Transparent glass (front and one side)
Glass Steam:
Transparent glass (front)
Sauna Interior:
Panels in aspen (back and one side)
Jalusi, Aspen and Ash
Steam Interior:
Black glass in back and part of sides
White plastic wall on side
Steam column, shower in ceiling, shower handle, stool