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10 essential water workouts for any skill level

Exercising in water has many benefits. From supported movement that reduces impact on joints, to the increased resistance of working out in water – which is 800 times denser than air – this type of workout suits everyone, including those recovering from injuries and professional athletes. If you’re looking for inspiration for your water workout then here are 10 options to try.

1. Swimming

The simplest and easiest exercise in water is swimming. It can also burn around 500 calories an hour so is a very effective fat burner too.

2. Bicycle

With your elbows resting on the side of the pool, make sure you’re in deep enough water so that your legs are suspended. Then, begin to move your legs as if peddling a bicycle to improve muscle strength and tone.

3. Tuck jumping

This simple jumping exercise can be made more difficult by keeping your feet off the bottom of the pool between jumps. Stand in water up to your chest and jump, bringing your knees as far up as you can. Repeat in sets of 10 and do as many as you can.

4. Leg lifts

Position yourself so that your body and legs are flat out behind you while you lean on the side of the pool. Then begin lifting and lowering both legs at the same time. Keep your legs pressed together while you lift. This exercise is particularly effective thanks to the resistance of the water pressing down on your legs as you lift them towards the surface.

5. Water weights

You can use weights on arms and legs to help strengthen and tone, as well as building muscle. Make sure you’re using pool weights and add them into a workout that features moves such as a butterfly or bar lift.

6.  Water planking

Everyone knows how tough planking is but how beneficial it can be for building strength, especially in the core. Use a pool noodle for purchase and, pressing down on the noodle with your hands, lift your body into plank position. The resistance you’ll feel from the water will make this twice as effective an exercise.

7. Speed swimming

If you’re looking for a workout that will send your heart rate up then pick a speed stroke like front crawl and do as many laps as you can. A high intensity cardio option like this can burn up to 700 calories an hour.

8. Pile jumps and squats

With your feet together and knees bent out, jump as high as you can for multiple reps. This is a great exercise for toning legs and glutes, especially with the added water resistance.

9. Jog on the spot

Great for burning calories and building stamina, jogging on the spot is incredibly effective with the added resistance of the water. Make sure you keep your knees high.

10. Scissor lunges

Lunge forward with one foot then jump and scissor the legs so that you end up with the opposite foot in front. You can build strength and tone muscle with this exercise without putting pressure on the knees as you would on dry land.

These are just some of the water workouts you can use to get fitter and build strength, no matter what your skill level. Get in touch to find the perfect swim spa for you today.

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