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5 ways that a hot tub can improve emotional wellness

Hot tubs are often pitched as a luxury or an indulgence. However, the reality is that they can have a great practical impact on wellness too, no matter what your lifestyle. Emotional wellness, in particular, is something that many of us regularly neglect as a result of busy lives and a range of stresses and pressures. If you have a hot tub then there are five easy ways to use it to help improve your emotional wellness and to make it more of a priority.

1. An investment in the quality of your sleep

All of us have experienced a sleepless night at some point in our lives and so are aware of how emotionally raw this can make us feel. When we aren’t sleeping, we may suffer increased levels of anxiety and depression and find it difficult to deal with every day situations. Regular use of a hot tub before bed helps to create the conditions for good sleep to support emotional wellness. From relaxing muscles to improving breathing and circulation, there are many benefits to aid a better night’s sleep.

2. Making time for the people who matter

Loneliness and isolation are big issues in our society today. Many of us share spaces with friends or family but don’t really engage with them or are just not dedicating enough time to these crucial relationships. For true emotional wellness to thrive, it’s important to make time for those who matter and a hot tub is a great space for this. No phones, just great conversation and a fun environment in which to relax together.

3. Time that’s just for you

All of us need at least a little alone time to relax and recharge away from our busy lives. If you have a hot tub then this is the ideal place in which to do it. You can disconnect from the world, read a book or listen to your favourite music and just spend a little time on a regular basis reconnecting with you. The more time we make to look after our own emotional wellbeing in this way, the better parent/spouse/friend/coworker we can be to others.

4. Creating wellness routines that work

Finding time to dedicate to wellness can be tough in a busy schedule, which is why little routines are so essential. A routine is something we can do almost without thinking, which makes it easy to bring something positive into the day without really trying. Build a wellness routine around your hot tub to make this more of a priority in your life, whether that involves meditation and relaxation or spending time with friends.

5. Take care of your body

Pain and discomfort impact negatively on emotional wellness. If you suffer from a condition like arthritis, from stress headaches or any other aches and pains, a hot tub can be very healing. The warmth of the water, combined with the massage jets, has a powerful impact on physical discomfort that can help to ease emotional stress too.

Hot tubs are so much more than just a luxury – if you want to prioritise your emotional wellness then this is a great way to do it.

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