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How much does a hot tub cost?

Cost is obviously a major factor in any purchase today. When it comes to the cost of a hot tub this will depend on a number of factors, from those that are more obvious - like the make and model that you choose - to other costs, including ongoing running costs. So, when you’re considering how much a hot tub is going to cost you, now and throughout its lifetime, these are some of the key things to consider.

The make and model of the hot tub

Obviously some hot tubs are cheaper than others when it comes to the upfront cost. It’s always worth bearing in mind that a cheaper hot tub may not be the cheaper option in the long term, for example if it’s not very efficient in terms of the energy that it uses. When it comes to upfront cost these are some of the factors that will have an impact:

  • The size of the hot tub. In general, if you are looking for a larger hot tub then you are likely to pay more for this. Smaller models, with fewer seats, tend to be less expensive.
  • The range of features that the hot tub has. If you’re looking for a fairly basic hot tub with minimal features then you’ll pay less. When it comes to adding on to the basics - for example, if you’re looking for more hydrotherapy jets - then you’re likely to find yourself paying more.
  • Construction. The materials that the hot tub is made of will also have an impact on what the upfront cost is going to be. A premium hot tub will be constructed with the highest quality materials and so you’re likely to pay more for this than for a hot tub that has been made with materials that don’t quite meet the same standards.

Other factors that impact hot tub cost

  • Running costs. Every hot tub will use electricity so it’s important to factor this cost into the overall financial picture of the hot tub. Most hot tubs are actually quite energy efficient but some more so than others. If this is an important factor for you then make sure you’re prioritising energy efficiency when you make your hot tub choice. Most hot tubs cost around £1-£2 to run per day but there are other factors that will influence this, including size, the efficiency of the pumps and how well the hot tub is insulated. The better the insulation, the lower your running costs are likely to be.
  • Durability. Pick a model that has a long life span and you’ll save money on repairs and maintenance that might be required for a cheaper design. Look for a longer warranty to minimise your costs and get some information on how long the hot tub is likely to last - some can be 20 years, or more, if you take good care of them.

The answer to the question of how much does a hot tub cost will vary depending on key factors like the model you choose and the running costs it has.  We offer servicing and post-sales care for all of our customers to make sure that our customers get the best out of their hot tub. We are proud to have a multi-award-winning showroom located in Kent, so please come down and try out our huge range.

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