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How do I make the most of my hot tub this summer?

Most of us love the summer months, as they offer many more opportunities to be outside and enjoy the weather. If you have a hot tub then there are lots of ways to make the most of this. From the wellbeing benefits of soaking in a hot tub, to converting yours into a sociable space, here are our suggestions for getting the most out of your hot tub this summer.

Turn the temperature down for a cooler experience

Your hot tub doesn’t actually have to be hot when you use it - and when the temperatures are rising outside you might actually enjoy the lower temperatures more. Most hot tubs will sit somewhere between 99 and 102 degrees fahrenheit during the winter - but when it starts to get hot, you can turn this down to 85F, or just turn off the heater completely. Leave the air jets on and you’ll get cooler water circulating, instead of hot. Don’t forget to put the cover on so that the water isn’t getting heated up by the sun during the day.

Ease out the aches and pains

We all tend to be more active at this time of year, whether that’s activities like hiking and climbing or just staying up later and doing more. This can take a toll on the body, one which your hot tub can help you heal. Whether you’ve got muscle aches from a summer body workout or you’ve got a minor injury as a result of a new activity, spending time in your hot tub can help you heal. The warmth of the water is great for boosting circulation to promote healing and the water jets can provide a powerful, releasing massage.

Enjoy the hot tub at night

If you don’t relish getting into your hot tub when the sun is high then wait until it drops below the horizon instead. It’s a wonderful experience to be in your hot tub under the stars, enjoying the cool of the evening and taking some time to relax and unwind after the day. You can also use the time in your hot tub to help ease you into better sleep too, as studies have found that this can improve how long it takes you to get to sleep, as well as the quality of that sleep.

Use your hot tub for social occasions

Summer is a great time to be social and your hot tub is the perfect place to do this. Whether you’re inviting the family over for a summer BBQ and want to have somewhere phone-free where everyone can catch up - or you’re planning a unique summer party - the hot tub is a great addition to any social occasion.

If you want to make the most of your hot tub this summer there are lots of great ways that you can use it. From parties to wellbeing, your hot tub has a lot to offer all year round. We offer servicing and post-sales care for all of our customers to make sure that our customers get the best out of their hot tub. We are proud to have a multi-award-winning showroom located in Kent, so please come down and try out our huge range

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