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Exercises for Your Swim Spa

One of the best things about investing in a swim spa is that it allows you to vary your workout routine so you stay motivated. Whether you want to swim laps, strength train, or get a low-impact cardio workout, you can do it in your swim spa.

Below, you'll discover a variety of exercises you can do in your swim spa to take your fitness to the next level.

The Perfect Warm Up

Because its temperature is adjustable, your swim spa allows you to create the perfect warmup. By simply wading in the lukewarm water while moving your arms back and forth, you'll relieve stress, reduce tension, and unwind while getting your muscles ready for a challenging workout.

If you like to stretch before a workout, try a stretch belt or stretching machine. This will make sure your muscles are warm and limber before you move on to the more difficult part of your routine.

Varying your Resistance

One perk of a swim spa is that you can switch the resistance level to create a more or less challenging workout. To push yourself harder, increase the resistance level by changing the speed and direction of your swim spa's current. From here, you can walk, run, or swim. Continue to regularly increase your resistance to improve your endurance.

Strength Training

Resistance exercises and weight lifting will make you stronger by helping you build muscle. Resistance bands are a terrific option for rowing, an exercise that gives you a total body workout for your back, hands, shoulders, legs, and arms. Simply attach the resistance bands to the rowing bars in your swim spa and start rowing.

Water weights are another way to gain strength, as they are specially designed to work with the water's resistance to help you build strength. If you want to tone your thighs and calves, consider investing in ankle weights. Or if you want to increase resistance without adding more weight, try out buoyancy cuffs on your ankles.

A third option for improving your upper body strength is a paddle wheel. This accessory can also be used for rowing exercises that will strengthen both your upper and lower body. Dumbbells and dragging balls are other ways to improve your strength.

Running and Walking

When you want an outstanding cardiovascular workout that won't impact your joints, running or walking in your swim spa is the perfect form of exercise. It is also great for runners who are recovering from injuries or who want to recuperate after a hard race.

An ideal accessory that can make your running or walking workout even more impactful is a foam buoyancy belt. Not only can it improve your posture, but it will support your lower back and strengthen your abdominals.

Make sure to talk with your doctor before you start doing swim spa exercises, especially if you suffer from high blood pressure or heart problems. Your doctor will tell you what kind of exercise is best and safest for your fitness level and health.

Now that you know more about swim spa exercise options, download our free swim spa buyer's guide to find the perfect swim spa for you.

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