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How to buy a hot tub: the complete guide

If you’ve never bought a hot tub before, the process may seem a little daunting. With so many things to bear in mind, from pumps to jets to hydrotherapy, things can get confusing. However, do not worry, the Hot Tub and Swim Spa Company are here to help you navigate the process and make selecting a hot tub as simple as possible. Before you commit to a hot tub, make sure you take a minute to read over our complete guide to buying a hot tub in 2021 which highlights the main specifications and considerations.

How can saunas help cool you down during the summer?

Using a sauna in the summer may sound a little strange, but saunas can actually help the body cool down in a number of ways – even if it’s a hot day. As the summers keep on getting hotter here in the UK, most people crave a dip in the pool and totally bypass the cooling effects a sauna can provide. Saunas are designed to alter how the body recognises heat and temperature. This is how it works…

Great benefits of owning your own sauna

For many of us Brits, we have never entertained the thought of installing a sauna in our homes (unlike in Finland where saunas outnumber vehicles). Even though a sauna can be a significant investment, once installed, it adds value to a property, involves minimal maintenance, and can bring several health benefits to your life.


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