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3 Simple Steps to Keeping Your Hot Tub Water In Prime Shape

Owning and keeping a hot tub in good shape doesn't take a lot of time or money, but it does take a commitment on your part. Following a few simple steps can keep your maintenance to a minimum and allow you to spend more of your time enjoying what your hot tub has to offer!

Step 1: Keeping the Water Clean

(a) Preventative action is the best step toward clean water, and you can do this by making sure that it is kept free of debris and oils. Body oils can be greatly reduced by ensuring that everyone takes a shower prior to using your hot tub.

(b) Choosing the location of where you have your hot tub installed is important, as you don't want it close to an area where dust from the roads or debris from trees and bushes will make it difficult to keep clean. This is a great reason for using a good quality hot tub cover.

(c) The filtration system is critical in assisting you with keeping your water clean from a lot of the contaminants that can affect the water but are difficult to see with the naked eye. Aside from buying a high-quality spa which should possesses a good filtration system, your responsibility will be to clean and change the filters as necessary. On a weekly basis, rinse your filter by running it under warm water. Once a month, give filters a good cleaning with appropriate filter cleaning products.

Step 2: Keeping the Water Balanced

(a) You should strive to keep the water components of your home spa perfectly balanced. You will find it much easier to keep it balanced than to bring it back to its optimized condition.

(b) Your concern is keeping the pH balanced, and with a good pH testing kit and the proper chemicals you can keep the water chemistry in good condition.

(c) When you are choosing your chemicals, most professionals prefer to use bromine rather than chlorine simply because bromine is kinder to your tub cover.

Step 3: Changing the Water

(a) You may reach a point where it is quicker and easier to completely replace the water than to try to reverse issues that have arisen, especially when the hot tub is being used frequently. This is a little more time consuming than the preventative and ongoing treatments and monitoring, but it is worth it. Some people make it a habit of changing the water every three months, whereas others will do it more frequently, if necessary.

There are many additional steps you can take to optimize your hot tub water, but if you don't want to take on this responsibility then you can always arrange to have our experts here at The Hot Tub and Swim Spa Company do the job for you. There are several options to choose from such as weekly, fortnightly, monthly and yearly. These services include additional maintenance measures outside of the water optimization.

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