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5 considerations when choosing where to put your new hot tub

Hot tubs are an enviable luxury and a great asset to any property. However, whether you get the most from your hot tub depends on where you position it. In fact, location has a huge impact over how much you get to enjoy the tub and whether it feels like a good investment. When you’re deciding where to put your new hot tub there are some key considerations to bear in mind.

1. Convenience is key

It’s all very well positioning your hot tub in an aesthetically pleasing spot miles away from the back door but have you considered how inconvenient that’s going to be in the colder months? If you want to make sure that you have use of the hot tub all year round then it will be essential to position it somewhere that is convenient. Convenience means a short dash to get to the warm water or being positioned close to towels, drinks, music – whatever is going to make your hot tub experience more enjoyable.

2. The foundations will be essential

The right location for your hot tub will also be a spot that enables the hot tub to be easily installed and function correctly. Hot tubs can be heavy and may require significant support so soft ground could mean installing a cement pad or concrete pavers. If you’re looking to add a hot tub to decking then consider integrating it into the design when the decking is being built.

3. Aesthetics have a role to play

A hot tub can be a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing addition to your property or grounds, as long as it’s in the right spot. A horizon with a view and a hot tub bubbling and sparkling in the foreground is perfect. However, if it’s blocking the driveway or restricting a view then the location may not be right. When choosing the best aesthetic location for your hot tub you might also want to consider the additions that you can make, such as stringing fairy lights into a nearby tree or adding mood lights or plants for greater ambiance.

4. Hot tub use is a factor

If you’re planning to use the hot tub as an escape from family life then positioning it far away from the buzz of the family home will be essential. If the purpose of having the hot tub is to bring people together then you’ll get more from it if it’s in a sociable and accessible spot.

5. The importance of privacy

If privacy is important to you then where you position your hot tub will have a big impact. You’ll need to test out the location you’re considering in terms of who has a view of it and from how far away it’s visible. However, even if you don’t have a totally secluded spot there’s still a lot you can do to achieve some privacy, for example, with a hot tub gazebo, screens or flowering plants and vines.

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