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Adding Salt Water Technology to Your Hot Tub

There are so many great choices when it comes to choosing a hot tub for you and your family that the purchase adventure alone is going to be interesting. Not only are there many different styles and models to choose from, but you can also choose a spa that has self-cleaning technology, so you can reduce the maintenance requirements.

You will find that it only takes a limited amount of chemicals and very little time to maintain your hot tub. Some people rely on chlorine to keep their water in prime condition, while others are now using bromine.

There is something else that is available to help with keeping your hot tub in prime condition, so your time is spent on enjoying all it has to offer you and your family. The use of a salt water bromine system replaces the need for chlorine once the system is installed. It can be used with new hot tubs or even older versions.

One of the greatest features about this is that it cuts down on the amount of maintenance for your hot tub and you don't need to use as many chemicals. Once the system has been installed, it takes over with the production of the bromine sanitizer. Any adjustments that need to be made can be made right from the keypad.

Bromine can handle a wider range of the pH levels with temperatures that are higher. This means that your hot tub will be in pristine condition without the need of adding additional products. You no longer have to be concerned about adding chlorine or bromine to your spa by schedule. With the system releasing the bromine, it means is that it can go to work and destroy any contaminants that may be found in the water.

For those that really are not keen on using chemicals in their hot tub, this is a great alternative. One of the other great features about this system is that there are no odours associated with it like there are with some of the other chemicals, and it doesn't cause any skin or eye irritation.

When you can combine the self-cleaning features of a hot tub with saltwater technology, it really steps up the convenience and enjoyment of the hot tub.

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