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Choosing Between a Sauna or a Steam Room

If you find that the sauna or steam room options appeal to you, your next decision is which one of these options is the right one for you. Saunas and steam rooms do have some similarities, but are not identical. Knowing the differences will help you make your decision.


Sauna walls are usually made of wood and you may have the option of both dry and wet sessions. In some models, the stove that is used to generate the heat is located within the sauna unit. The temperature of the sauna is usually between 70°C-100°C (158°F - 212°F). People who enjoy saunas usually find that it is most beneficial for helping to stimulate their muscles and reduce stress levels. Some have found that it helps to create better cardiovascular health and may notice a reduction in blood pressure.

The biggest difference is the sauna does not produce nearly the same humidity that a steam room does. You will also find that when you are reviewing which sauna you want to purchase that you will have to choose between the conventional models or the infrared version. The conventional saunas work through warming the air. The infrared saunas focus on heating objects like stones, for example.

Steam rooms:

A steam room creates high heat with a high level of humidity. The walls are usually made of porcelain, ceramic or granite tiles. In many cases, the steam is generated from an external steam generator. The temperature is usually around 40°C (115°F to 120°F). A lot of people enjoy steam room because they help improve their respiratory system, while relieving sinus congestion. They also find that it detoxifies their body and enhances their skin, similar to saunas.

Making the decision

While there are some differences in the delivery of the heat process in the sauna and steam rooms, the results they produce for the body are similar. They both assist in increasing blood flow to the skin. Each of these has the ability to dilate the blood vessels and improve circulation. They each have their own way of promoting relaxation and reducing stress.

What it really comes down to when making the final decision between the steam room or the sauna is your preference as to whether you like your heat in a dry or wet form. When it comes to the actual experience, you also have the warm cozy feeling of the sauna, which is comprised of wood, or the cool refreshing sleek look of the porcelain, ceramic or granite tiles.

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