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Choosing the Right Fencing for Your Swim Spa Area

The rules and regulations around having a pool have somewhat changed over the years, and the changes are a good thing, as they promote safer pool etiquette and apply to the swim spa. Depending on where you live, you may have to have some type of fencing that surrounds the swim spa area to keep it a safe and secure area.

Choosing the right fencing has certainly changed over the years. In the past, you would go with the wood fencing. Even though there are many benefits to having a wood fence, there are other choices that are becoming even more popular than wood.

One of the more popular fencing options that is used is ornamental aluminum. This type of fencing is not to be confused with wrought iron fencing, which is extremely heavy and actually has a painted coating that can deteriorate over time. Ornamental aluminum is quite durable and has a real elegant style to it. This type of fencing comes in a variety of colors to choose from, such as green, white, bronze and of course black.

The colors are applied electrostatically and then cured under high heat through a process involving powder coating. The finished product coats the aluminum fencing like a skin and will last for years. You can get the fencing in pre-cut lengths of six feet and you use top and bottom rails along with pickets. They are put together easily with rivets or screws. This fencing is beneficial due to its durability and low maintenance, but if you are looking for privacy it certainly isn't your best option.

Another fencing option that is becoming more popular than the ornamental aluminum is PVC fencing. You have the choice between two different styles, including standard fencing, which comes in either solid slats or spaced pickets from 48" to 54" tall. If you need even more privacy, you can purchase the 6ft 7" size and can attach all the panels together to actually make a solid panel. Often, people also attach a piece of privacy lattice at the top to make it look a little more stylish.

The advantages to PVC fencing is the privacy you get, it's very durable, extremely low maintenance and will last for years. The disadvantages are that some people find it too bulky and it is not as attractive compared to other fencing choices. Whatever choice you choose to go with, your swim spa area will bring you great enjoyment for years to come.

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