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Could your home sauna help to ease Fibromyalgia?

For those who suffer with Fibromyalgia, pain can be constant, alongside all the other symptoms that go with it. However, research has shown that infrared saunas can, in fact, provide effective pain relief and even improve symptoms of fatigue and muscle stiffness.

Treatment for Fibromyalgia

Standard treatments that are offered for those suffering with Fibromyalgia include long-term courses of physiotherapy, as well as cognitive behavioural therapy and combinations of the two techniques to see which provides the most effective treatment for the individual. However, these treatments have been shown to be more useful when combined with infrared sauna use.

Infrared saunas as a treatment for Fibromyalgia

Healthcare professionals actually recommend infrared sauna use to people suffering with Fibromyalgia, whether or not they are undergoing other treatment. This is because it causes changes within the body that help to reduce symptoms. For example, heart rate generally decreases, which reduces peripheral resistance and allows a greater blood flow throughout the body. More oxygen can then be made available to the body, as circulation increases.

Physical benefits of sauna use

As well as blood flow, a stress-inducing hormone, norepinephrine, is also triggered to be released by the brain, which increases alertness and stops fatigue. Additionally, Beta-endorphins are released, which work to reduce pain and relax the muscles. Although this doesn’t reduce symptoms 100%, there can be a significant improvement and definite relief from ongoing pain. The overall benefit of saunas is that they can help sufferers of Fibromyalgia to live with reduced symptoms on a daily basis, and this is why it could be worth investing in your own home sauna.

Home saunas to fit your requirements

Whatever space you have, indoors or outside, The Hot Tub and Swim Spa Company can help you to find a sauna that is right for you. They are available to buy, or pay monthly for if this is more suitable for you. Their range is designed to cater to different aesthetic and personal requirements - even including their unique retractable Klafs S1 Saunas. With easy maintenance and access to the benefits of using a sauna on a daily basis, you could see an improvement with pain and fatigue linked to Fibromyalgia.

Saunas for relaxation and fun

As well as the physical benefits, your home sauna will also become an oasis for you to relax alone or a place to socialise with friends. It will become more than a treatment for pain, but a fun and enjoyable place.

Call The Hot Tub and Swim Spa Company today to discuss your requirements on 0208 300 4003.

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