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Could your swim spa help your on your fitness journey?

We are all accustomed to the idea of a swim spa or hot tub as a luxurious indulgence and a way to relax and unwind at home. However, that’s not the only way in which a swim spa can add something to your lifestyle. If you’re keen to get fit then a swim spa at home could help you to improve fitness levels, as well as overall health and wellbeing.

Jets and currents

The jets in the swim spa can be used to create a current that is ideal for helping to improve fitness. Set the strength of the current to one that suits how hard you want to train that day, from a relaxed pace, to a current that really makes you work. You can swim against the jets or – for something different or if you prefer to be upright – you can also opt to walk against the current to get a great workout.

Resistance training

Working out in the water provides resistance that will double the effectiveness of the exercise that you do. Thanks to this resistance you can see better results from your workout, achieving more with less effort because of the resistance of the water. Working out in a swim spa can not only make you fitter but also improve cardiovascular health too.

Low impact exercise

Working out is viewed as an essential way to get fitter but the reality is that it can take quite a toll on our bodies. Running or playing field sports, for example, can put a lot of pressure on joints and bones. When you’re working out in the water this isn’t the case. The buoyancy of the water provides a supported way to get much needed exercise, helping to improve fitness without any detrimental impact on the body. Across all demographics, working out in a swim spa is the best way to improve fitness levels without doing damage to the body as a result.

All the accessories

Many swim spas come with a range of accessories that you can use to work out in the water – and these are easy to purchase yourself if not. For example, you could use resistance bands or rowing equipment to find different ways to use the water to work out. Water weights are also very popular as they take much less of a toll on the body than lifting weights on dry land.

Getting more from your workout routines

For many people exercise can be a bit of a chore. You may be dreading going for that run or anticipating the discomfort of going to the gym. That’s often not the case when it comes to a water workout. A swim spa at home helps people to get fitter because it takes the dread out of the workout process. More comfortable workouts and a wider range of things to do make it much easier to get motivated.

To find the perfect swim spa to support your fitness journey, contact a member of our specialist team.

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