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Did you know that regular hot tub use can aid weight loss?

Losing weight and then going on to maintain it can be hard work, and require lifestyle changes in order to make it an achievable goal. But did you know that regular hot tub use is something that could help to aid you in your weight loss journey?

Stress causes weight gain

Of course, healthy eating, exercising and cutting out sugars and alcohol make the biggest difference, but there are other factors that come into play when you’re trying to lose weight. One of the biggest of these is stress, which can often cause weight gain. This happens because cortisol (which is the stress hormone) triggers a fight or flight response in our bodies when faced with stress, not just in immediate situations but in the stresses we face in everyday life.

Ongoing stress and weight gain

In fact, ongoing stresses can cause constant stress, and if cortisol is being triggered on a regular basis then this can lead to weight gain. This can be made worse by the way that many of us choose to eat unhealthy foods to deal with stress, such as increased consumption of chocolate, salty foods or alcohol. At the same time, cortisol has been known to block testosterone, the muscle-building hormone, which the body uses to burn calories in a more efficient way. With this reduced, fewer calories are able to be burned during the day, and therefore this can also lead to weight gain.

Coping with stress

Relaxation can be one of the most effective ways to deal with stress. Using your hot tub regularly is the perfect way to give this relaxation time, where you can physically as well as mentally relax for a period of time. This gives your body a break from constant stress, and also improves mental wellbeing. Lowered stress levels can leave us less likely to eat badly to relieve stress, and make us feel energised and therefore encouraged to exercise more when we feel we can.

Hot Tub use is perfect to de-stress

Hot tub use is ideal for de-stressing since the warm water and jets have a therapeutic effect on the muscles to relieve any pain and reduce tension. Raised body temperature increases blood flow and heart rate can lower, whilst circulation improves and allows more oxygen to flow to the different parts of the body. At the same time, toxins are sweated out of the body which can improve skin and overall self-worth, and breathing slows as heart rate decreases, which in itself is calming. This can make sleep easier, which can also give the body proper rest which in turn aids weight loss.

Reduction of cortisol through Hot Tub use

What’s more is that using your hot tub over time can have an extremely calming effect and gives your body a rest from the constant stress you may feel throughout the day. This also reduces the production of cortisol by the body, which reduces cravings for sweet, salty and fat-rich foods and increases metabolism. All of these effects of hot tub use are beneficial for aiding weight loss as part of a healthy lifestyle.

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