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Do more of what you love using your hot tub this year

If there’s one New Year’s resolution that is always worth making, it’s to do more of what you love in the next 12 months. A hot tub can play a big role in this and, when they are as affordable as our Serenity Hot Tubs range, you don’t have to break the bank to have one either. So, make 2018 the year that you install a hot tub at home so that you can do more of:

Taking time out for yourself

Especially during the winter months, or times of great stress, there is huge value in a few quiet moments that allow you to gather your thoughts. A hot tub is the perfect location for this with just the soothing sound of the water to help you meditate on whatever problems need solving. Enjoy the spa effect of the jets or take a glass of wine in with you for a luxurious downtime treat.


Whether you opt for a full on party or something a little more sedate, a hot tub can be the focal point for socialising. Friends will be keen to try out your hot tub if they don’t have one and it’s the perfect place for everyone to relax and start chatting.

Time with the family

It’s often difficult to get all the family together in one place but quality family time really matters. If you don’t manage it at dinner time or on weekends then try scheduling some family time in the hot tub. You’ll be surprised how appealing this is to everyone, from the kids who want to splash around, to the teens who are keen to enjoy the health benefits. Hot tub time with the family can give everyone the chance to relax and catch up.

Looking after your physical health

When we feel good, life seems so much more enjoyable and a hot tub can play a role in helping to keep your body at its optimum level. Hydrotherapy has been a solution for soothing aches and pains – and for post-sport recovery – for centuries. With a hot tub at home you’ll get the massage benefits of the jets, the soothing effect of the warm water and the aesthetic impact of the sinus-clearing, skin brightening steam.

Enjoying the outdoors

If your hot tub is outside then this provides you with the ideal opportunity to start appreciating the nature that surrounds your home. From watching the perfect sunset from the comfort of your hot tub, to observing the birds and small animals in your garden, the hot tub is an easy way to feel at one with your immediate landscape.


Just add some music, some candles and the two of you and the hot tub can be an incredibly romantic date night. There are no distractions with a hot tub and you’ll be able to talk and re-engage with the one you love.

Our range of Serenity Hot Tubs provide the perfect balance of massage variety and hydrotherapy – and socialising, fun and romance. Contact The Hot Tub and Swim Spa Company today to find out more.

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