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Enjoying the Luxury of Hot Tub Aromatherapy

hot tub is a wonderful addition to any home. It creates a welcoming thought during the day knowing that you will be able to head home, just sink into the warm water, and let all the stress melt away.

You can enhance the benefits of the hot tub as a stress reliever by incorporating the luxury of aromatherapy. This is where you use specific aromatherapy oils for different benefits.

Maybe you have been feeling a little down lately, and you want to create a happier mood for yourself. With all of the great features that your hot tub has to offer, adding the right essential oils means you're in for an amazing experience.

Lavender oil is one option. It has been known to be an uplifting mood energizer. Some people can be sensitive to lavender, so you may want to burn some of this oil in an aromatherapy infuser first to make sure you are compatible with it.

A common complaint of many people is just not having enough energy. Even after a good night's sleep, so many people wake up feeling drained. An excellent booster for this is adding some rosemary and peppermint oils to your hot tub. These particular oils are not only going to lift your energy level, but also have cognitive benefits. They are said to help with memory and concentration, as well as help to increase circulation, which simply supports one of the main benefits of your hot tub.

On the other side of the coin, perhaps you are too tense and you need some time to relax. The hot tub is superb for this without even having to use aromatherapy oils, but using them can greatly enhance your enjoyment. Lemon balm, mandarin, and chamomile are the favourite oils for this. You can either use them in combination, or separately. Try different blends and you're sure to find a few favourite combinations for different days.

These are just a few of the common oils. There are many other exceptional oils that should be utilized as well such as ginger, tangerine, grapefruit, bergamot, or ylang ylang, for example. Remember, these oils are those that are specifically designed for your hot tub and don't use regular essential oils, as they could damage your hot tub.

You want to be sure that you know how to use your oils properly in your hot tub, so follow the manufacturer's directions for this. Many hot tub providers offer quality aromatherapy oils amongst their hot tub accessory offerings. Get creative and enjoy the places hot tub aromatherapy takes you!

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