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Get fit with FastLane technology for your pool

Swimming is one of the most popular sporting activities for many good reasons. Just two and a half hours of regular aerobic physical activity per week – such as swimming – can reduce the risk of chronic illness and make you fitter. And when it comes to fitness, swimming is one of the most effective sports for everyone, whether you’re already super fit or you have a few health issues. FastLane technology means that anyone can enjoy the benefits of swimming at home to get fitter and enjoy a healthier life.

FastLane works in most pool sizes

You don’t need an Olympic sized pool to get the fitness benefits of swimming with FastLane. The technology is designed to produce a current that you can adjust to the speed at which you want to swim. The current provides resistance to swim against that means you don’t need a large area to swim a long distance. The different settings allow anyone to get a great workout from FastLane, whether you’re an athlete in training or a complete beginner.

A more economical way to enjoy the fitness benefits of swimming

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in America, those who swim regularly can cut the risk of death and disease by up to half. But you don’t need to spend your life savings installing a full size pool to get these fantastic health and fitness benefits. FastLane is both space saving and cost effective – a Hydraulic Power Unit and submerged hydraulic motor are the two main additions to your pool to turn it into a serious fitness asset. There is no construction required and FastLane can be installed in water as shallow as 99cm.

Supported fitness for everyone

The FastLane poolside Swim Unit provides a calm current against which to move, using innovative technology to provide a smoother swim. It allows anyone to get into the pool and start getting fit, whether you’re learning or you’re confident in the water. One of the major benefits of swimming is that it’s supported exercise so there is less physical impact on the body than running or aerobics. So, if you’re nervous about getting fit and looking for a low impact but aerobic way to do it, swimming is the ideal option.

The benefits of swimming at home

Installing FastLane at home turns your pool into an opportunity to lose weight and get fit whenever you have the time. You’ll be able to teach your kids to swim and to learn how to be safe in the water – and get them started on a path to fitness too. Plus, swimming has many therapeutic benefits and can help to provide relief from pain caused by chronic conditions such as osteoarthritis. If 2018 is the year that you want to start taking fitness seriously then FastLane offers a budget-friendly and simple way to make the most of a home pool, whatever size. Contact one of The Hot Tub and Swim Spa team to find out how we can help.

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