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Get the Ideal Swim with Swim Spa Accessories

If you own a swim spa and love to exercise there, accessories are a great way to improve your fitness and create variety in your workout. Accessories can also create a greater sense of relaxation and comfort.

Below, you'll find out about game-changing swim spa accessories that take your fitness and relaxation to new heights.

Weights for Strength Training

If you haven't been using your swim spa for strength training, weights are a great way to get started. A good first step is to purchase a set of wet bells, or lightweight dumbbells for use in the water. Wet bells offer an easy grip and are extremely safe. Don't let their light weight fool you: they are designed to work with the water's resistance to help you build strength. You can usually get a set of wet bells for around $30.

Tethers for Intense Training

Do you want more resistance without paying for a new set of jets? A tether is a great way to challenge yourself without overspending. A tether consists of a belt with an elastic cord which attaches to you while remaining secured behind you. As you swim, run, or walk, the resistance will give you a new challenge.

Aquatic Exercise Bands

Aquatic exercise bands are a type of resistance bands that were made for use in water. You can use them for rowing or other resistance exercises when you want to improve your strength and flexibility.

Enhance Your Experience with Additional Accessories

If you want a swim spa experience that is safer, more relaxing, or just more convenient, there are many accessories that can help. To add shade to your swim spa, try attaching a sunbrella to the side of your swim spa. If you enjoy entertaining, look into a smart bar. It attaches to the side of your swim spa and creates a flat surface where you and your guests can place your drinks while you enjoy the water.

When you want to make getting in and out of the swim spa safer for children or others who have difficulty entering and exercising, getting a new set of safety steps can be worth it. Finally, stay warm and dry when you get in and out of your swim spa by attaching a towel bar to the outside of your swim spa. Your dry towel will always be waiting to keep you warm! Now that you know about which accessories can improve your swim spa experience, download our free swim spa buyer's guide to find out about the best swim spa for you.

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