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Getting Your Swim Spa Ready for Summer

After a long, cold winter and as soon as the nice weather arrives, the first thing on many swim spa owners' minds is getting it ready for the many wonderful warm, sunny days ahead. The preparations will depend on how you prepared it for the winter.

You may find that your swim spa no longer possesses clear water, but is now a pool of greenish water with an accumulation of leaves and branches. If this is the case, simply follow the steps below to get your swim spa clean and inviting for the days ahead.

Your first step is to get all of the large debris out of the water. Make sure that your filtration system is well cleaned and put together properly, clean out all of the filtration baskets, and replace any filters as necessary. When you are cleaning your cartridge filters, make sure to remove the cartridge and flush it well with a hose. For other types of filters, you should follow the manufacturer's directions for cleaning these properly.

You may have partially drained your swim spa for the winter months, or perhaps a substantial amount of the water has evaporated. What you want to do is bring it up to the proper water level. Also, test the composition of the water to find out what kind of chemical treatment it will require. There are kits that you can buy for this, and you may be able to take a sample of your water to your local pool supplier for a complete test. The key things to know are the water's mineral content, pH, and chlorine levels. After testing your water, your pool supplier should be able to provide you with the proper chemicals.

There is some work behind both opening and closing a swim spa if you aren't able to use it year round. You would probably find it most of beneficial to hire in the professionals to do this for you. These experts know exactly what it is going to take to get your swim spa up and running and fully optimized so you can make full use of your spa this summer.

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