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Have you thought about getting a swim spa for using at home?

Swim spas are an increasingly popular choice for those who want a fitness or relaxation option at home. Smaller than a swimming pool but larger than a hot tub they provide perfect all year round access to water, whether that’s for the purposes of fun, hydrotherapy or improving your exercise regime. If you haven’t thought about a swim spa for your home before then now might be a great time to consider it.

The benefits of choosing a swim spa for your home

A versatile choice for any space

You may not have the room for a pool on your property or you might have an awkwardly shaped patio or yard – swim spas are versatile and easy to accommodate in just about any space.

Enjoy your swim spa all year round

It can be incredibly expensive to heat a full sized swimming pool during the winter months but, at the same time, you want to ensure that you get the most from your investment. Swim spas are more economical to heat, which means that they can be used all year round even during the coldest winter months.

Simple, easy maintenance

Another key factor with a swim spa is that it’s much easier and cheaper to maintain than a full sized pool. Rather than a weekly routine of cleaning, scrubbing and skimming, it takes just a matter of minutes to complete the maintenance requirements for a swim spa.

Lower running costs

Clever, insulated design as well as a smaller size than your average swimming pool means that it costs much less to heat and run a swim spa. Lower running costs not only mean that you can keep costs down but also that you’ll be able to use your swim spa whenever you want without having to worry about the cost.

A lifestyle upgrade

Swim spas are fantastic for socialising and a great way to relax. They also have a current that you can set to your desired resistance to create the perfect conditions for swimming or training – all without leaving the house.

How to choose a swim spa for your home

Once you’ve decided to opt for a swim spa, finding the right one is simple.

Jets and currents

Different swim spas generate currents in different ways. For example, some use hot tub style jets while others have a hydraulically powered propeller. The type of mechanism you choose will have an impact on noise, performance and speed.

Energy efficiency

While all swim spas tend to be more energy efficient than a swimming pool there are still some significant differences between models. Especially if you’re planning to heat your swim spa frequently during the winter it’s important to choose a model with positive energy efficiency so that your costs are low.


Swim spas vary in the maintenance commitment they require. Although always easier to maintain than a pool it’s worth asking what kind of maintenance is going to be necessary for your desired model so that you can make life easy for yourself going forward.

We can help you to choose the ideal swim spa for your lifestyle needs – contact a member of our team for more information today on 0208 300 4003.

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