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Hot Tub Massage Tips

Using a hot tub allows you to relax and enjoy the many comforts that warm circulating water can bring. Many individuals enjoy using their hot tub with their partner. This is a golden opportunity to be able to incorporate some massage to enhance the benefits that the warm water is going to bring you. Massage has many benefits. It helps one to relax, reduces stress and anxiety, and it can even improve sleep.

There are specific types of massages that work really well in the hot tub setting. It can begin with a gentle back scratching to help increase the circulation and stimulate the skin. One area of the body that receives a lot of tension throughout the day is the neck. This can affect the upper back and shoulders. To massage your upper back and neck, you can either do this alone or have someone that has joined you in the hot tub do it for you. What you want to do is interlock your hands and use the palms of your hand in the heel area to gently squeeze the neck and pulsate it. You don't want to apply too much pressure, but just enough that you can feel some firm pressure.

One of the best massages for relaxing and allowing the muscles to unwind is the shoulder massage. When you are enjoying a muscle massage of the shoulders, if you tip your head to one side this helps to stretch the muscles of the shoulders and neck area. A gentle massage using the knuckles should bring some wonderful relief from the tension that is found in the shoulder area. Even a massage of the head does wonders to create a relaxed state.

Arms and hands are important to massage as well. Raising your arm and having your partner gently massage the arm starting at the wrist and working down to the forearm with a gentle squeezing motion feels fantastic. This encourages the immune system to function properly and helps to increase lymphatic flow.

At the end of the entire massage session, there is no doubt that you are going to feel totally relaxed and have enjoyed a great experience that massage brings, especially when it is combined with a hot tub session.

Athletes find a massage to be excellent following a sports activity as it helps to stretch their muscles and reduce soreness. For older people that have irritation from stiff joints and tight muscles, this is a great treatment. Hot tub massage is something that anyone can enjoy, while helping to reduce stress.

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