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How Beneficial are Saunas for Stress?

Stress is something that everyone deals with on some level. Many individuals will seek out different resources to help them deal with this problem because they are well aware of how detrimental it can be to them. A lot of people are now turning to saunas to help them deal with stress.

Stress has become so common that many people don't even recognize it when they are stressed. They know that when they return home from work that they feel tense and tired, but just accept this as normal. They don't realize that it can be one of the side effects of stress. Some who happen to try a sauna after a stressful day are usually amazed at how good they feel afterwards, and this is like a wake up call as to just how stressed out they were prior to using the sauna. This is often enough to trigger them into thinking that having their own sauna would be a good thing.

One of the indicators of stress can be general aches and pains. This is because they have been tense throughout the day. The sauna has the ability to relax the muscles. The relaxation sets in as the circulation is increased to the various parts of the body, due to the increased heat of the sauna. Another benefit of using a sauna is to balance the cortisol in the body. Cortisol is the stress hormone. There have been some studies to suggest that cortisol remains the same or raises a little during the sauna session, but drops immediately following the session.

While stress is accepted as being part of life, it is estimated that somewhere between 75% to 90% of visits made to physicians are related to stress issues. Those who are exposed to stress for long periods of time or on a continuous basis, could be vulnerable to developing high blood pressure or a weakened immune system.

Not only is it well worth looking at a sauna to help relieve stress, but it has many other therapeutic benefits. It is great for the skin and a lot of people that are on a weight loss program indicate that it contributes to weight loss.

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