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How Can You Benefit From a Hot Tub?

Whenever you are going to make a major purchase for your home, the first question you usually ask yourself is: what are the benefits? Purchasing a hot tub is definitely no exception, and with all of the benefits you'll experience, you'll have no trouble answering that question!

Let's talk about hot tub therapy

Yes, you can look at your hot tub as a means for some great therapy, both physically and mentally. Just the thought of being able to get away from the hassles of life and soaking in some wonderfully warm water, perhaps on a starlit night - now that's what we're talking about! And as enticing as this sounds, the benefits go far beyond this. Just take a look back in history and you will see that hot water served many purposes when it came to health and wellness. The father of medicine, Hippocrates himself prescribed this as a worthy treatment for various ailments. While our ancestors may not have had the convenient access in the form of the hot tubs that we have today, the benefits found way back then are still supported by modern day studies of today.

Living better and living longer

Being able to soothe aches and pains and reduce your stress aids in allowing you to live longer. It has been commonly said that "stress is a killer". Some studies have shown that immersing yourself up to your neck in warm water is good for your cardiovascular system.

Feel better, look better

When you feel rested and rejuvenated, which is another benefit of the hot tub, you will automatically look better, too. Nobody likes to look tired or run down. Soaking in a hot tub prior to turning in for the night can also assist with providing a good night's sleep. As an added bonus, if you have stiff joints and muscles they will become relaxed in the hot tub, so you won't have to deal with discomfort as you are trying to drift off to sleep.

Indirect weight loss

Losing a few pounds is something a lot of us are interested in, but not many people think about how a hot tub could possibly assist with this. A study once showed that for some people who soaked in a spa for 30 minutes each day for 6 days a week were able to lose weight more easily. This particular study utilized individuals who suffered with type 2 diabetes.

While we have focused on some pretty significant benefits of the hot tub, let's not forget about the pure pleasure of just sitting around in a wonderfully warm body of water with a few friends and enjoying some great company and conversation!

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