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How Difficult Is It To Clean Your Swim Spa?

Owning a swim spa is exciting, and contrary to popular belief, keeping them clean and maintained is quite easy! This is often one of the main concerns that people hold when considering installing a swim spa in their home. Let's take a look at what's involved.

The first step is to purchase a quality product, which will make for easy cleaning. When you purchase your swim spa through a quality dealer and have it installed by them, you are starting out on the right foot. You should also have the option to purchase a package that includes routine maintenance and servicing, including the chance to buy an annual service contract to ensure top performance year after year.

Aside from this, there are some steps you should take on a daily and weekly basis to keep the swim spa fully optimized, ensuring that you can continue to enjoy all of the benefits and features it provides any time you like.

You will want to have a few specific chemicals on hand to assist you with cleaning your spa. Ensure that you purchase these from a quality supplier. These will keep your water sanitary and safe to use by keeping it chemically balanced.

One of the new features for helping to keep your swim spa water disinfected is an ozone disinfection system. If you're interested in learning more, contact your swim spa provider. While a quality swim spa will be designed for easy cleaning, you can help this drastically by using a swim spa cover. This assists in eliminating much of the debris that can end up in an uncovered spa and protects it from the elements.

When adding chemicals to the water, ensure that you use test strips to guide you to avoid adding unneeded chemicals and find out what the water needs to achieve balance. Another great preventative measure is making sure that those that use your unit shower prior to doing so. This helps to remove surface body oils which can alter the stability of your water.

Preventative measures will play a large part in cutting down the need to clean and service your spa. By keeping the water optimized, you won’t have to worry about things like algae growing on the sides or bottom of your spa.

In the case that small debris does manage to get into your spa, you may want to purchase a net or invest in a pool vacuum to keep the swim spa floor clean with very little work! Taking proper care of your swim spa is easy, and by maintaining it in regular intervals you will greatly reduce the need for professional servicing and increase the longevity of your spa so you can enjoy it for years to come!

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