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How Saunas Can Help Your Cardiac Health

As we know, cardiac health is of great importance. Many individuals are becoming proactive in doing many different things to help themselves to stay heart healthy. Research shows that dry saunas can actually help the heart and be as beneficial to it as some types of exercise.

What they have found is that the sauna helps those that have a risk of developing heart disease. It also helps those that are at risk for high cholesterol levels, as well as high blood pressure and diabetes. In addition to this, there are further indications that it can also be beneficial for individuals that already have developed some heart problems.

There has been some research to show that people who have suffered severe heart failure that have been treated with sauna therapy have had their symptoms improved substantially. It is believed that sauna treatments on a regularly basis helps to improve the blood vessels and the function of the heart for those that suffer with chronic heart failure.

The treatment that they have used for this type of thermal therapy is using a sauna that has been set at 140& a rule, most saunas that are used in social settings and gyms are set between 175 to 210&e low heat saunas have been more beneficial for the treatment when it comes to the coronary issues outlined. What the research is showing is that a two week period of repeated once a day sauna use was able to increase the blood vessel function by about 40% in those patients that displayed the coronary risk factors. It is most important to realize that the temperature reading is kept around 140&

Aside from the cardiac health that sauna use can offer, many find it a great way of relaxing and helping to sooth sore and tight muscles. Athletes are beginning to use the sauna on a more frequent basis and combine this with their exercise regime. There are variations in saunas ranging from dry to moist heat.

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