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How Swim Spa Hydrotherapy is Beneficial for Back Problems

There are many different types of back problems, and no shortage of people that suffer from chronic back pain as a result of many different types of medical conditions. These can range from arthritis in the spine to slipped or herniated discs, or simple wear and tear and muscle strain. The swim spa can be the ideal resource for providing much needed relief from the discomfort associated with back problems.

Of course, before making any attempts at pain relief, a proper diagnosis should be made by a health care professional. Chronic back pain is a major health problem that can be expensive. The medical profession is actively trying to take multiple approaches to helping individuals with controlling the pain caused by back problems. Many people's first solution used to be to control the pain with drugs, but this has proven to be a serious problem because the drugs required are often heavy narcotics, and create the risk of addiction. Now a different approach is being taken, encouraging back pain sufferers to try other forms of treatment such as a change in lifestyle, including exercise. Hydrotherapy can be very beneficial in this regard.

It is important that a structured water exercise program be designed for the individual. Overdoing it is not a wise move. Just the warmth and movement of the water can provide some instant relief that leads some to becoming overzealous with their water exercise.

Just as any form of exercise requires a warm up and cool down segment, the same applies for water therapy. Entering the swim spa and just giving the body a chance to adjust to the water is the beginning. Then some simple movements of the arms and legs will begin the exercise warm up.

A good beginner exercise is the knee-to-chest. The individual stands on one leg that is slightly bent in a comfortable position. The other leg is then stretched out in front at a comfortable level. Hold on to the side of the pool to provide support. This helps to limber up the muscles and gently stretches them. Make sure to do both legs to ensure equality in the exercise.

Leg raising is another beneficial exercise. Start off by raising your leg to a comfortable level, and during each exercise segment strive to increase the height a little more each time. This helps to build strength in the lower back, as well as the hips and legs.

Another great stretching exercise is to hold onto the side of the water spa for support then let the body float away from the side, will gently stretch the body out.

Once these exercises have been completed, adding a few swim laps to the regime will help to build stamina and agility. In order to receive the best benefits from water therapy for back problems, the exercises should be started with slowly and increased as the body adjusts, and done consistently.

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