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How a Hot Tub Can Help to Relieve Arthritis

Many people think they are suffering from normal aches and pains due to their lifestyle, when in fact it could be the beginning of arthritis. It takes a medical professional to make this diagnosis, but it doesn't have to be one of doom and gloom. The health care professional will make their suggestions about how to get relief. It has been shown that a hot tub can be beneficial in helping to deal with the pain and discomfort that comes with this medical condition.

Arthritis attacks the musculoskeletal system, targeting the joints of the sufferer. There are also many different forms of this disease.  The pain that comes with it is as a result of the inflammation it creates, which is often followed by stiffness.

The warm water of a hot tub is what provides the main benefit in regards to pain relief. The joints become compressed due to the inflammation, but the force of gravity against the joints becomes reduced while you're in the water. The water also offers support to the affected area, and may assist in reducing the swelling and improving circulation to these areas.

When it comes to the heat of the water, hotter is not necessarily better. Water that is too hot can have a negative effect. Generally, it is recommended that the water temperature should be around 92-100oF.

While the warm water is the main benefit, there are side benefits to using the hot tub as a form of arthritic relief. Once the affected joints begin to feel better as they loosen up, it encourages you to start moving more while soaking in the warm water. The joints are now beginning to be gently exercised which helps to improve circulation.

Many individuals that become consistent with using warm water, like in a hot tub, as a means of helping with their arthritic pain have said that their pain decreased by up to 40%.

A hot tub should be given serious consideration to those who suffer with arthritis. Its use for this purpose should first be discussed and approved by your health care provider. A high-quality unit that's set properly is the door to some relief. Being consistent with its use for heat and exercise will help to extend the benefits beyond the time spent in the hot tub. Many have reported that the soothing effects of the water continue to last for a good period of time in between soaks.

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