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How can a Fastlane turn your pool into an endless pool?

Having a pool at home is a luxury – perfect for cooling off on hot days and maintaining fitness – but it’s also an investment, especially if you need sizeable one. If you’re a keen swimmer and your current pool doesn’t quite meet your needs for distance then Fastlane could be the answer. Rather than a brand new, larger pool in which you can cover further distances, installing Fastlane could turn your current pool into an endless pool.

How does it work?

Fastlane produces a current in your pool for you to swim against, allowing you to cover any distance you want to without moving very far. You’ll get all the benefits of a long distance swim without the need for an Olympic sized pool in which to do it. The water speed can be set to any required pace, whether you’re just learning to swim or you’re in serious training. If want to optimise the use of your pool then Fastlane adds a whole new dimension.

Who can use Fastlane?

Anyone at all, from children picking up a float for the first time to adults with a fitness plan to follow. Because Fastlane is adjustable you can set it to the right pace for you, whether that’s intensive training, a relaxed swim or some summer fun in the pool with the kids. Fastlane can also be used to create resistance for a wide range of other water sports, including aqua aerobics, water jogging and therapeutic hydrotherapy. It allows your pool to be so much more than just somewhere to enjoy a quick dip.

What kind of installation is involved?

Fastlane installation is simple and quick. The Swim Unit fits pretty much any pool and with no electrical connections poolside there’s zero risk. The Hydraulic Power Unit provides the momentum for the Swim Unit, which is made up of our custom designed propeller, which delivers its innovative current flow, providing a smooth and adjustable swim environment. The system runs on biodegradable vegetable-based hydraulic fluid for fuel, which is efficient and environmentally friendly, ideal for use at home.

What type of pool does Fastlane suit?

It’s not so much the pool as the humans that Fastlane suits. The system can be installed in water as shallow as 99cm and any pool that has enough depth to be swum in is ideal for Fastlane. Above ground pools work well with Fastlane, as do in-ground concrete, vinyl-lined, or fibreglass pools. So, any pool is ideal for the system as long as there are children and/or adults around to enjoy it. Fastlane is super easy to operate with a simple on and off button and a control for faster or slower speed. It’s the perfect no fuss way to extend the life of the pool, as well as the range of activities it can accommodate. From aqua aerobics for the neighbourhood to a fun birthday pool party, Fastlane brings the action every time.

If you are interested in finding out more about Fastlane and what it could add to your pool, get in touch with The Hot Tub and Swim Spa Company today by calling our team on 0208 300 4003.

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