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How can a hot tub help enhance your social life?

According to the Office for National Statistics 5% of adults in the UK say they feel lonely “often” or “always.”  Being around other people has a very positive impact on the human brain, which is why a healthy social life is so important. Hot tubs are renowned for delivering a range of health benefits associated with hydrotherapy, from optimising sports recovery to helping to soothe aches and pains. However, having a hot tub can also help to support mental health and happiness by enhancing your social life too.

Being in the present

We are all tied to our phones today, whether to check on the babysitter or see whether someone we’re interested in has WhatsApp'd. Getting your friends together in the hot tub means that phones have to be left at a safe distance from the water. This provides the opportunity to really engage and connect, to rediscover what you love about those in your social circle and to strengthen bonds.

Making new friends with a games night

Everyone loves a games night. And if you’re looking to widen your social circle this is also a great way to do it, as it’s much easier to make friends when everyone is focused on the same activity. There are plenty of options when it comes to floating board games and card games or you can use items from your home to set challenges. Get everyone you invite to bring someone you don’t know and your social circle will instantly double.

Staying in is the new going out

It can be difficult to chat in a restaurant or bar if you can’t hear each other over the ambient noise. Maybe you don’t really like the music or the drinks are watered down. If you have a hot tub gathering at home instead you’re completely in control of the playlist and you won’t have to queue for your drinks. That leaves much more time to have fun the way you want to – with the food, drinks and music that you like. If you’re on a budget then it will be a far more wallet-friendly evening too.

Enhancing the fun with a theme

When you have a hot tub at home you can instantly make social experiences more fun by adding a theme. For example, why not create a spa experience around your hot tub for a pampering evening, birthday or hen do. You could also have a movie night, projecting a classic film onto a big screen, or even the side of your house, which everyone can enjoy from the warmth of the hot tub.

Enjoy the outdoors

Especially in winter, it can get boring being inside all the time. If you have a hot tub then you and your friends can socialise outside. And, no matter what the weather is doing, you’ll still have a great, enjoyable (and warm) time.

Hot tubs have a lot to add to any social life. Contact us to find your ideal model today.

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